Booking in

All appointments are booked by me via email, my availabilities are Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Fridays and Saturdays

For enquiries please include:

• Your idea
• A photo of the location you would like the piece – flat on, not at an angle and which side it is to go on
• Approximate size in inches or cm
• Colour or black & grey
• Which days/dates suit you best to come in
• Every piece is custom drawn, but please include any photos or art reference that inspires you – to create the strongest design work possible, I do need to have creative freedom with your ideas and won’t copy another tattoo.

Due to the fine line details and lighter colour palette style of my work, it is not often possible for me to cover existing tattoos. In most cases laser removal treatment is recommended to lighten the existing tattoo to a level that allows much more freedom of design for the new piece.

If you have areas of scarring you would like covered, please include a photo and measurement of the area. Scarring must be a minimum of 3 years healed to ensure the best possible outcome for your tattoo.

In some instances it may be that for the quality, interest and attention your tattoo deserves, I feel the particular design you are enquiring about would be best suited to the speciality of another artist – although I am not always able to make personal recommendations.

Emails are responded to chronologically as I schedule appointments and time for drawing up pieces. I aim to get back to you as soon as possible, please don’t be tempted to send another to check it has been received! This will automatically mark it as new and bump it back to the back of the list.

Thank you in advance for your patience!

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