The care of your new tattoo is important as this will determine its appearance in the future.

Always wash your hands well with soap before touching your new tattoo.

• Leave the applied clingfilm dressing on for 3-4 hours. If a Dry Loc pad has been applied please remove it the following morning.

• After the dressing is removed, wash your tattoo with warm water and a mild, fragrance-free soap. Remove all blood, and lymph with your fingertips gently. Excess lymph will cause scabbing, and you want to minimize this as much as possible.

Do not use anything abrasive to clean the area, towels and washcloths harbour bacteria that can harm your tattoo.

• Rinse and pat dry with a clean disposable paper towel.

• You may be advised to re-wrap your tattoo for the first 1-2 days. It is very important to change this every 8 hours, washing and drying your tattoo again before re-wrapping it with fresh clingfilm (do not apply cream under clingfilm). After this remove the dressing and continue with the aftercare below.

• Wash your tattoo two to three times a day, until the tattoo is completely healed. Approximate healing time is 2-4 weeks.

Do not over-wash, regular showering is fine, but do not keep it submerged in water for extended periods until it has healed – this includes baths and swimming.

• While your tattoo is healing it will become flaky, dry and itchy. Use a fragrance-free, non-greasy cream such as El Gato Negro Tattoo Healing Balm or E45 Cream 2-3 times a day. Do not use Vaseline or Savlon.

• Sparingly rub the lotion in until it is fully absorbed into your skin, do not over- moisturize.

Do not pick or scratch the area as this will damage your tattoo and can cause infection, leave the scabs and let them fall out naturally.

Do not use saunas or sunbeds whilst your tattoo is healing and avoid the gym/sports for the first 5-7 days.

• Wear loose cotton clothing over the area until healed.

Touch Ups

• If your healed tattoo should require any touch ups this is free of charge providing the aftercare has been followed and it is within 3 months of your appointment.